Tour de Conamara Event Pack

Tour de Conamara Event Pack is Back!

The Tour de Conamara Event Pack is back! Every year as part of our sponsorship of the Tour de Conamara, we build a pack of essential sports nutrition and equipment to help you get through the event safely. With an RRP of over €40, we sell it for €29.99 plus you can use your TcD Discount to bring it even lower.

The Tour de Conamara Event Pack is built specifically for the a day spent cycling this amazing and scenic route. It includes the right amount of sports nutrition to keep your energy levels high, keep you hydrated, and to help you recover when you arrive back in Clifden.

On top of your essential sports nutrition, we also include a saddle bag, spare tube, and tyre levers. This will ensure you can carry a spare tube in case you are unlucky enough to get a puncture. Make sure you have a pump or Co2 cartridge with you — but we know you would NEVER go out without one would you?

Take a look at what’s in the pack below.


Tour de Conamara Event Pack

You can have the pack delivered to your for free, or if you prefer then we can bring it to the event sign on where you can pick it up.

Buy the pack now here:

By taking part in the Tour de Conamara, then you also get a discount with the voucher code included in your email. So you can get this pack for an even greater price!


The important thing to remember for every day out cycling — is that you are prepared. So make sure you bring the right clothing with you for your weekend in Conamara, along with enough food and drink to get you from each food stop to the next, and the right accessories and tools to keep your bike working and rolling.


If you need anything from us for the event, such as bicycle tyres, or clothing; remember that you get a discount as a Tour de Conamara participant.