PowerBar Sports Nutrition Guide for Cyclists

Tour de Conamara PowerBar Essential Energy

The Tour de Conamara is an Irish Sportive that we love to support, and thanks to the help of PowerBar -we’re now supporting it for the 3rd year, so we’re here to help provide you with the most important sports nutrition information for you to enjoy the day.

PowerBar are one of the original, and longest standing brands of sports nutrition. PowerBar is a name in cycling that cyclists all over the world trust when it comes to providing the most important fuel for energy and recovery on a bike ride. So with our partnership with PowerBar at this year’s Tour de Conamara, we are bringing you the essential Sports Nutrition Guide for Cycling by PowerBar.


PowerBar Sports Nutrition Guide Download


In this guide, you will find easy to understand information about how to properly prepare for the Tour de Conamara, how to maintain your energy levels during the day, along with your hydration, and then how to recover after you get back to Clifden.

This is a guide that can be used by anyone, and you can understand what is necessary for nutrition while you take part in the Tour de Conamara.

Proper clothing, and proper fueling are the two most important things that you can do on the day of the Tour de Conamara – all other preparation comes in the weeks of training before the event. This is why we recommend you read this guide so you can understand what’s important for having enough energy while cycling, so that you can get to the finish line.


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