Fantasy Cycling

Winner of our TdF Velogames Competition

We’re a little late in posting this, and we’ve been away from the blog for a while as we work on some longer term projects for our bike shop. While we’ve been busy working on the business side of things, it’s mostly due to the time it’s taken most of us here in the office to get over the loss of our top riders in our Tour de France Fantasy Cycling Teams.

So, we’re sorry to have kept you waiting, except one person, who we’ve been in touch with to arrange delivery of his new Bertoni Eyewear Sunglasses. So after reading that sentence, you probably now know that unfortunately you weren’t the winner. It’s not the winning that counts though, it’s the taking part.


The Tour de France was a strange one for us. We saw the yellow jersey taken by a climber on a flat cobbled stage, and for most of us, that was the end of the fantasy league for us.

Surprisingly, not many people had Nibali in their team and that meant there were a few at the top and a lot at the bottom of the table. One of those people was JimmyBarryMurphy who has won the prize!


However, it was great fun, and we enjoyed doing it. There isn’t always as much interest in the Vuelta, so I don’t think we’ll be doing much around it for fantasy cycling. For next year though, we are looking at adding a bit more to the fantasy leagues and having day to day competitions for those taking part so everyone is kept interested.


In the meantime, happy cycling and we hope to see you around the bike shop soon.