Sean O Costelloe Memorial Cycle 2014

Sean O Costelloe Memorial Cycle 2014

As we grow as a company, and thankfully as more and more people get to know Alimay Sports, we are lucky to meet different people every day that do so much for the sport of cycling and for those around them. Today is a day where we’re glad to have sent a shipment of sports nutrition to a charity cycle for a good cause.

The Sean O Costelloe Memorial Cycle is taking place on July 8th and 9th in aid of the Irish Cancer Society. We are supporting this event to help this great group of cyclists travel from Dalkey to Glenbeigh, and help them raise money for this charity. While what we’re giving is only a part of their overall efforts, we want to support as much as possible.


We’ve sent what we can, as it is going to be a tough cycle, but we’re looking forward to seeing how everyone gets on, and with our help, hopefully getting back from the cycle in one piece!


If you want to keep track of the event, you can do so here and if you wanted to help with their fundraising, you can do so here.


If you’re interested in what it takes to bring a group of cyclists from Dalkey to Glenbeigh, take a look at what is helping them during their cycling.


  • Over 150 Energy Bars and Energy Gels
  • Over 100 Carbohydrate and Electrolyte Drinks
  • Over 50 Protein Shakes
  • Bottles to keep the drinks coming


If you need to top up on your own supplies for cycling, visit us at