Ryan Mullen Silver Medal

Ryan Mullen at the 2014 World Championships

Anything related to cycling interests us; but when a cyclist that we have supported and sponsored gets a silver medal at the world championships – we get a lot more excited. Ryan Mullen has today showed what dedication and hard work can do in becoming a world class cyclist – and our online cycling store is part of it.

As a Cycling Ireland athlete, Ryan uses PowerBar with the team, and we provide that as part of our sponsorship to Cycling Ireland. Since becoming sponsors of Cycling Ireland, we have seen the level of hard work and dedication that it takes from the entire team at CI to make results like today happen.
We’re just a small part of what is a really effective organisation considering the small size of the country. Ryan Mullen is a great talent that gets results like a silver medal in the U23 World Championships Time Trial because of his own dedication and hard work, along with that of the team around him.


So we just want to say congratulations to Ryan Mullen, everyone involved with the result today – and we look forward to what comes next for you.