Reasons to love cycling

55 very true reasons to love cycling

Working in a cycling store means that a lot of us cycle – and over time we have come up with what we can definitely say are the most absolutely true, logical, and well thought out things about cycling. If you doubt anything we say here, you’re wrong. We don’t like to bear bad news, but that’s one of the many truths here.

So here we go, 55 things that are completely true about cycling and are never to be questioned.

1. Cycling doesn’t hurt
2. A bike doesn’t cost much money
3. Nobody complains about you
4. Interchangeable bike parts are really common
5. Half of the effort of cycling is looking good
6. Always having smooth legs
7. Verbal abuse never happens on the road
8. Everyone gets along really well
9. Antares is just a star that doesn’t bring pain
10. Knowledge is power, and power is everything

If you think the first 10 are lies, then you’ll change your mind with the next 10

11. Individual efforts always win races
12. Stem length changes can improve power output by 70%
13. Seatpost height is directly correlated with performance
14. Cyclists aren’t concerned about weight
15. Lateral movement makes for highly efficient pedalling
16. Absolutely no cramps
17. Info displayed on your Garmin is all that matters
18. Rubbing wheels never happens on a Saturday spin
19. Every winter you stick to the training plan you promised yourself when getting dropped in April
20. Middle Aged Men in Lycra is something that you are definitely not – it’s the others

Reasons to love cycling
Photo Credit: sabeth718

21. Increasing the length of your cranks can provide anywhere between a 20% decrease and 462% increase in power output
22. Crashes are never your fault
23. Heavy equipment is the only reason for being dropped
24. Efforts at the front are also what caused you to get dropped
25. Lights on a bike aren’t really that important
26. Leg warmers with unshaved legs don’t make you look like a sesame street character
27. Electric bottom brackets definitely exist in the peloton
28. Cars always pass you with enough distance
29. Lycra is highly flattering, and those who don’t like it just don’t understand it
30. Attacking in the first mile is the only way to win a race

Truthful Cyclists List
We only used this photo in preparation for Christmas. Photo Credit: nadiasapere

31. Reaching the café is not the only reason you go on those long spins
32. Integrated seatposts never cause any hassle
33. Stopping at red lights is something that every cyclist does, and nobody disapproves
34. Shopping for bike upgrades is not enjoyable
35. Asking for tools at the last minute before a race never happens
36. Reaching down for your bottle is a skill that every cyclist can do without a problem
37. Every time you watch racing on TV, they’re making mistakes that you never make
38. Internet conversations about cycling are always pleasant
39. Descending in the saddle is nowhere near as safe as hunkering down on the top tube
40. Yellow jerseys look cool no matter what the occasion

Almost there

41. You don’t look like you’re suffering as you climb, you look amazing
42. Opening a gel on a cold winter ride is very easy
43. Uploading your rides to Strava is not to show off
44. Letting the wheel go had nothing to do with your fitness
45. Increasing your cadence is pointless
46. Throwing your bottle away in the last mile will drastically improve your sprint finish, not gym work
47. Taking any of that sports nutrition stuff is pointless, there’s no benefit to it
48. Learning how to cycle in a group is something that every cyclist has done
49. EPO isn’t used in any other sports, just cycling
50. Sprinting is about how wide you can get your elbows, not about leg speed

Cyclist time spent on list
This one is actually true. Photo Credit: matt_gibson

51. Every cent you spend on improving performance, is repaid in your career victories
52. Xylohones offer a surprisingly large aero benefit when attached to your handlebars
53. Pushing a big gear at a lower cadence makes you a great sprinter
54. Opening up a half wheel gap with your teammate is the key to a successful training spin
55. The amount of time you spent reading this list is time well spent


So there you have it, a simple list and you know the answer is simply: yes.


That’s all we have to say about the hard truths of cycling. Except that you should check out the photography of  Ken Conley, because that’s his image used in the cover of this post.