More Reason to Love PowerBar Protein Plus Sportsmilk

PowerBar Protein Plus Sportsmilk is one of our favourite post training drinks, and so we’ve improved the information on our cycling store page. The full nutritional information, as well as the benefits are now listed in the store, along with some great new lower pricing on PowerBar Protein Plus Sportsmilk.

The updating of this section of our cycling store comes at a great time, after we have just launched our latest discount code which gives out £10 off any purchase over £50. So throw in a bike tube on top of your order, and you can be saving a lot of money. That code for our online cycling store is TENNER.


The reason we wanted to improve the information on the Protein Plus Sportsmilk page is that it is truly an amazing product. In training, many of us here at Alimay Sports have used different proteins, in all shapes and forms – but we really love this for cycling training.

This one really appeals to us for two reasons: low carbohydrates, and it tastes delicious.

PowerBar Protein Plus Sportsmilk UK


Many of the previous ready to drink protein shakes we’ve tried, have been very high in sugar, but PowerBar Sportsmilk only has 25g of carbohydrates in every bottle that also gives you 50g of protein. Even better is that the sugar in Sportsmilk is naturally occurring in milk, so there is no added sugar.

This ratio is far better than any of the others we’ve seen. So when trying to minimize the amount of calories you take on, which is important for maintaining your weight as a cyclist – PowerBar Protein Plus Sportsmilk is ideal.


Check out the nutritional factsheet for PowerBar Protein Plus Sportsmilk. It shows just how low in calories it is, but how high in protein it is.


So along with the low calorie count of Sportsmilk, it also tastes delicious! It comes in Strawberry, Chocolate, Banana, and Vanilla flavour – and each one is delicious. So then this offering from PowerBar starts to add up. Delicious flavours, as well as a high protein, low carbohydrate nutritional value.


Then when you add in the fact that this is all in a Ready to Drink bottle, it becomes the perfect drink to have waiting in your fridge chilled after a long ride.

This is made all the better by the fact that we’ve lowered the price, and you can use the code TENNER to get £10 off any purchase over £50. Don’t forget we give free delivery to anywhere in the UK.