PowerBar Ride Bar Online

PowerBar Ride Bars On Sale For 1 Week Only

PowerBar Ride Bars are one of the tastiest energy bars available to cyclists in our online cycling store – so we’re delighted to put an offer out for you to get them at their best price ever. The best price lasts for one week so get them while they’re hot. They’re not actually hot though, because they’re chocolate and we don’t want to melt them.

Like every promotion that we do in our online bike shop, we like to keep it simple so you can make your mind up easily on the offer. So for this one, we’v taken almost 30% off the standard price of PowerBar Ride Bars, and they are on sale for those of you in the UK for £18.99 and in Ireland for €21.99.

If you aren’t familiar with these delicious bars and why they’re so popular, then head over to our page for PowerBar Ride Bars, and read about them and check out the fact sheet under our related files section too.


If the offer we have this time around isn’t to your liking, then you can always browse our online cycling store for more offers and more of the cycling products that we stock here – www.alimaysports.com.


Enjoy the end of the road season, as well as the upcoming track events and Cyclocross.

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