PowerBar Energy Gels

PowerBar Energy Gels in our Cycling Store

Energy Gels are a part of cycling now. Whether it’s becuase you feel the benefit of them while riding your bicycle, or because you like to argue the differences between their benefit and a banana – they’re always in involved in cycling. That’s why we have PowerBar energy gels in our online cycling store.

The one great thing about gels is that for those of you who love to take them, the packaging that they come in is now new and improved! This meant we needed to update our online cycling store to show you the great changes to the collection of PowerBar Energy Gels.

First, lets look at what makes them better. With an update to the valve and opening mechanism, PowerBar have brought energy gels that are now even easier to open and to use.

This updated packaging also makes them much easier to empty, meaning you’re getting the most out of your gels in the quickest time possible. Along with that, the packaging now makes them much more leak proof – meaning that they last through the toughest terrain whether they’re up the leg of your shorts during a Time Trial, in your back pocket, or in a sports bag on your way to the gym.


The PowerBar range of energy gels is also growing.

What started out as the PowerBar PowerGel Original and now comes in 6 flavours, 2 of which have added caffeine; has been increased with the addition of the PowerBar PowerGel Fruit, and the PowerBar PowerGel Hydro.

The PowerGel Fruit uses real fruit juice concentrates to give it a delicious flavour and improved consistency. These come in Red Fruit Punch flavour and Mango Passionfruit with added caffeine.

Then the latest addition was the excellent new PowerGel Hydro, which maintains the same great energy boost of the original energy gel from PowerBar, but adds in water so you don’t need to worry about where you are when the time comes to take on your essential energy gels. Catering to the varying needs, PoweGel Hydro comes in Orange with no caffeine, Cherry with 50mg caffeine, and PowerGel Hydro Max which contains 100mg caffeine for the best boost in the entire gel range.


Rounding the energy gel section out, are the PowerGel shots in Cola and Lemon flavour where each bag gives you the equivalent of 1.5 gels in terms of energy from carbohydrates. These small gel chews are tasty and deliver fast energy – giving you something to eat while out on your bike.


There has been one more addition to the PowerBar energy gel range, and while we’ve called it an energy gel – it tastes better than any other energy gel we’ve tasted before; and that’s because it’s a smoothie/puree like gel.

Made from real fruit puree, the PowerBar Performance Energy Blends are delicious, they go down easy, and are one of the main reasons we’re excited about the energy gel again.

Perfect any time of the year since they’re so easy to take, putting a PowerBar Energy Blend in the freezer before heading out on a spin on a hot day, gives you the perfect iced smoothie to deliver your energy fast and keep you cool.


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That’s all we have to say about gels.