Online Bike Shop Relaunch

Our Brand New Bike Shop is Live and Online

Last week, we told you about the new version of Alimay Sports — today it’s here, and waiting for you to check it out! This new version of our online bike shop has been in the works for about 6 months, with the last 3 months being the biggest part of upgrading it. Read on for the details of what’s new in our bike shop, and how it has improved.

Since 2014, we have built a list of issues we would like to address, and enhancements we would like to add to the website. Some of these were necessary, some of these were nice to have, and others should have been in the site in the first place, but at least we’re here now.

The list is below, and we’re going to go through each of these in detail with new blog posts, in case you’re really interested in Alimay Sports.

  • Responsive Design
  • Better Checkout Process
  • Stable and Reliable Payment Processing
  • Better Account Management
  • Better Order History
  • Automatic Currency
  • Improved User Interface for smaller elements
  • Better Search Functionality
  • Clearer indication of user actions
  • Integrated Order Tracking
  • Easier order management for our staff
  • Better Stock Control
  • Clearer price display for offers
  • Dedicated Offers Pages

Today, all of these things are now possible in our online bike shop. Some of them won’t be immediately obvious, but as you shop and as we add more products in, and bring you more offers, you will see everything on this list in effect.

For now, the most important thing for us is the fact that our online bike shop now has a responsive design so you can shop for your bike parts, bicycle accessories, cycling clothing, and PowerBar Sports Nutrition in the way that suits you best.

Alimay Sports Online Bike Shop Redesign

Building a website with responsive design isn’t too difficult, but moving an existing online bike shop to a responsive design is. In the end, the easiest thing for us to do was to move to a whole new e-commerce platform, and move across all of our bike products and users to the new platform.

From here, it has allowed us to take what made Alimay Sports a great bike shop, and add to it so that the same fundamentals would apply to all screen sizes for cyclists looking to shop in our online bike store.


A Simple Bike Shop

The most basic rule for building Alimay Sports was to make it a simple online bike shop, and so when moving to a responsive design for our bike shop, we had to keep that the same. We think we’ve done a good job, focusing our cycling product pages on the important information you need, and the images to show what you are buying.

Our homepage focuses on the things that we can do for you. It shows you the popular products, gives you access to the cycling offers we have, and up top, direct access to the categories a cyclist wants to shop online for, and all in a simple interface.


A Responsive Bike Shop

For smaller screens, we wanted to make sure you could get to the same areas just as quick, and so when you come to our online bike shop, you can navigate the categories by clicking on the menu and loading a sidebar of all of our bike shop categories.


Once you get into each cycling category, you’ll see that we have easier access to the sub categories and clearer paths to get to them. It shows you each biking category, along with what we think are some of the most beautiful cycling pictures from photographers all around the world that make their work available under the creative commons licence. Navigating to these categories is easier on all devices, as the images are bigger on your screen, and so clicking them is easier and reduces errors.


The next area where a responsive design was important to our bike shop was in navigating between products, adding them to your cart, and then getting to the checkout of our online bike store.

You’ll now have bigger add to cart buttons on each bike product page, a clearer indication of the product being added to your cart (more on that in a future post), and then a quick way to access your cart or go straight to the checkout.

All of this can be done without the need to zoom in and out, and pan across the screen like on the old bike shop. It’s a completely more simple process, and this is exactly what we want in our bike shop. Simple shopping, simple pricing, simple offers, and simply quick delivery.


There is so much we could write about the little changes on our online bike shop, but the best way to find out about it is to go and shop around for your cycling needs. We’re giving 20% off with the discount code ALIMAYSPORTSBETA just in case there are any errors, so the lower prices will hopefully offset any issues you may face, but we’d love to hear about the issues you have with our new bike shop.


If that isn’t enough bike shop news for you, then keep an eye here on our bike shop blog, where we’ll be detailing everything from the above list and why we’ve made these changes to our online bike shop.


New Bike Shop

One last thing that may be of interest to you, is that in moving to a new platform, it also means some security upgrades.

In order to keep our online bike shop secure, we never see your passwords, and so that means it’s impossible to move them between different sites. So if you are a customer with us already, thank you for your support firstly, and secondly you will need to request a new password for the site, and you can do that by clicking here.

We’re already looking forward to seeing your first order on our brand new online bike shop! Thank you.