One Hour Sale: Free Tube with every purchase

We’re starting a new weekly sale on our cycling store. It is going to be very simple, and it will last 1 hour. Each week, it will be a different bicycle part or item of cycling clothing that is included in the sale and it will be announced a couple of hours in advance of the sale. So 1 hour, 1 item, and 1 discount code.

Now that we’ve introduced the simple concept of our 1 hour sale that will appear every week, we can elaborate a bit more on what’s coming this week and what to expect in coming weeks.

Today, you can get a free Continental Cycling Tube with a choice of Race 28, MTB 26, MTB 28/29, Cross 28, or Tour 28 tubes. This offer applies on any order over the value of £20/€20/$20 and the sale will go live from 3pm today and since it’s a 1 hour sale, it will be over at 4pm. So any order you place in that 1 hour will get a free tube, just enter the code 1HOURSALE. Then let us know in your order comments which Tube you would like included.

We wanted to put together offers for you that are simple but provide great value without the need to spend a lot of money, so we’ll always keep the price on the sale low. So here’s a recap of the simple process:

  • Make any purchase between 3pm and 4pm*
  • Enter the discount code 1HOURSALE
  • Specify if you want a Continental Race 28, Tour 28, Cross 28, MTB 26, or MTB 28/29
  • You’ll receive a free tube in your delivery


In the coming weeks, we have lined up some great offers, and each offer is going to be something that we know cyclists use and really want. We will post about each offer here on the blog, or you can always sign up here and receive an email each week to remind you that the 1 hour sale is about to happen, plus there will be lots of other valuable information in there too.


We’re looking forward to these sales, and we hope you enjoy them too.

*This weeks sale has a minimum order value of £20/€20/$20

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