Cyclist Mark Cavendish Cartoon

Mark Cavendish: Cycling in Cartoon

Mark Cavendish is well known around these parts. He is well known for his cycling skills, his fast sprinting, and his openness in expressing his feelings after a bike race. So as we work our way back to through the decades of cycling and select the different riders we want to feature, this time it’s the Manx Missile.

Mark Cavendish has a wealth of Palmares under his belt, and he is still going. This entire article could be filled with a list of his career victories and achievements, but that’s not what we’re doing here. We are turning Mark Cavendish into a cartoon and adding him to a list of great riders dating back as far as we can remember.

From the Velodrome to the Road, Mark Cavendish has victories in almost every major cycling event. He has moved through many different cycling teams under many different sponsorships, and has brought great success to every team he has raced with. He has had some of the best lead out trains on his teams that have led him to well deserved victories.


Along with the victories, have come a share of sometimes over exaggerated controversy, but none ever really taking away from his victories as the fastest cyclist in the world.


Testament to his dedication, he has the rainbow stripes to add to his list of achievements as world road race cycling champion and last year took the Great British Road Race Cycling Champions Jersey.

Mark Cavendish Cycling Cartoon

Mark, or Cav, as he is known to his friends (and us), has also had great success in showing how well he can wash his hair, but thankfully he has kept a level head and hasn’t allowed his silky smooth, dandruff free hair to get in the way of his cycling.

Proof to this is his move to the OPQS cycling team where he is now working his socks off with another great train to win races and fight off sprint challenges from other established sprinters, as well as up and coming sprinters, such as André Greipel, Peter Sagan, Marcel Kittel and perhaps Sam Benett in the next few years.


Overall, Mark Cavendish has had and is enjoying, a pretty good cycling career. Just take a look at his list of career achievements. Or you know, check out our cycling store for our great deals!