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Manly Cyclist Things: Smelling Each Others Farts

After we introduced Manly Cyclist Things last week, we now have the second entry into our collection of manly cyclists things. Smelling each others farts is something that we all do, whether we know it or not, so we thought we should highlight it for cyclists. Not even shaving each others legs is more manly.

When you spend more than 4 hours sitting in the saddle, taking on enough carbohydrates to keep you going, things have to happen, and this is just one of the manly things that we do. The reason it’s manly is that we all know women don’t fart. If you’re on a regular bike, you’re still going to have to face this issue; but it applies even more so to those who ride tandem. To make it even more interesting, there are those who ride tandem on the track where the winds are minimal and so the smells are strong.

It’s all part of cycling, and something that we all love to hate. Beside, we all know we cherish our own, so why not learn to love those of our friends on the road.


We would like to dedicate this manly cyclist things post to every cyclist and crew member that are currently cycling over in Mexico and about to start racing in the UCI World Paracycling Track World Championships. There is some great cycling talent there, and we know we’re going to see some great performances.

You can follow the Irish Cycling Federation at @IreCyclingFed on Twitter for updates on progress from the World Championships and all future Irish Cycling Races.


Also, why not learn to love the great cycling offer we have on at the moment. Next week we will have our next entry into manly cyclist things, and they will keep coming while we address the misunderstood issues of cycling, so we are always open to suggestions from cyclists.