Froome See Through

Manly Cyclist Things: Skin Tight Clothing

We’re 5 weeks into Manly Cycling Things now, and this is our 5th entry. It also means our own cycling blog is 5 weeks old. So this weeks Manly Cyclist Things comes at a good time, when the weather starts to get warmer, and we get to shed the extra layers of cycling clothing and show off our tans.

Nobody wears skin tight cycling clothing better than a cyclist, but adding a see through, mesh effect to the mix for cycling clothing requires a whole other level of confident cyclist. It’s early days, but we’ve yet to see anyone out there wearing anything see through, let alone mesh. Then again, maybe we just don’t go to the right places.

Cycling in the UK and Ireland has those few days a year where you can really feel like the cyclist you train to be. You’re basking in the sun, your legs are getting more tanned, and every drink you take out of your bottle is making you more and more the pro you feel you are. You deserve it too.

So on those hot days, make the most of cycling, and find the tightest, most see through, meshiest jersey (bonus points for skinsuit) you can find, and wear it with pride. We’re already paving the way for people to understand you, thanks to our series of manly cycling things so you don’t have to bear the brunt of the judgement.


There’s no shame in the cycling clothing you wear, it serves a purpose way beyond anyone who doesn’t cycle just can’t understand. So when you put in the hours of suffering, pain, and heavy breathing – now you know why, so you can look great on these hot summer days.


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