Cyclist Bicycle with Saddle Bag

Manly Cyclist Things: Saddlebags at Dawn

After a weekend of some great bicyle racing, and also a mixture of some great weather, and not so great weather – we bring you the next installment of Manly Cyclist Things. With the early starts on a weekend of bicycle racing, you look forward to all of the shouting and abuse to go along with your saddle bag.

Manly Cyclist Things wouldn’t be right if it didn’t contain the joy that we experience early on a Saturday morning, where our saddlebags are a metaphor for the ensuing handbags that will happen in the race. This is why instead of having handbags of dawn, cycling races instead have saddlebags at dawn.

Bickering and pointless arguments aren’t just reserved for other sports or other genders – they’re one of the most common things that exist for men in cycling races. After all, we’re all just racing as a means to show how light our bikes are. So if we can’t argue, bicker, and shout at other cyclists in the bunch, when can we? Club training spins?


So saddlebags at dawn are just a necessary element of bicycle racing, and something that you have to take part in to fully understand – like putting your car keys in a bowl.

You nee that other cyclist to hold his wheel. That other cyclist shouldn’t be moving away from his line like that. This other cyclist needs to learn that he shouldn’t put his elbows on the dinner table, or near me and my bicycle. That Fred that thinks he’s a cyclist shouldn’t be pushing so hard. And this wheel sucker needs to take a turn at the front for once. So the only way to show the other cyclists that you’re perfect, is to shout at him and have a nice session of saddlebags at dawn.


If a male cyclist can’t do this, then what do we have left? The milk man, the paper boy, evening TV? It’s predictable that if one goes, the rest will crumble. So we need to enjoy saddlebags at dawn.


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