Manly Cyclist Things: Shaving your legs in the bath

Manly Cyclist Things is a collection of photos we’re putting together to highlight some of the things that male cyclists do. These are often debated within the cycling community, or simply misunderstood by those that don’t cycle. It may even bring solidarity between those who thought they were the only ones that these manly things applied to.

Manly Cyclist Things is somewhat of a satire of the trend of “just girly things”, and so takes on some of the more feminine aspects associated with male cyclists – and it is our small attempt to break down those sexist barriers that still exist in a world of fake tan and manscaping.


We plan to run this until we feel we’ve covered all the areas that we’ve come across in our years of cycling, and this means we are of course open to suggestions. Once we finish manly cycling things, we’re going to move on to womanly cycling things, or something with that kind of theme, but better named. You may not like it; or you may exhale air out of your nose quickly in a show of amusement for a brief moment, and if you do, then we’re happy.


So this is our first entry, and one of the most debated both among cyclists, and between those who cycle and those who don’t. Shaving your legs is a standard thing for women, so why not for men – sometimes men like to feel special too. Even though cyclists have been doing it for years, and the benefits are debated in terms of aerodynamic performance, ease of massage, hygiene, and convenience – the truth is that it makes us feel special, so special.

So we want to claim it as a manly cyclist thing, and embrace the enjoyment men get out of shaving our legs because we own a bicycle.

We don’t sell razors in our bicycle store, but we do sell some lovely cycling clothing to show off your newly shaved pins.

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