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A Brief Introduction
to Alimay Sports

Hello. This is the Alimay Sports Blog, a simple blog for our online cycling store. This is also our first blog post in what will soon become a large collection of ramblings and information from all of us that work on this online cycling store.

If we’re new to you, then here’s an FAQ for Alimay Sports and our best answers.

Who are you?

Alimay Sports is an online cycling store that is at the moment run by 8 different people from varying backgrounds. Some are cyclists, some aren’t, but we all work together in our offices to look after sales, queries, this blog, and some work in the warehouse packing your orders and sending them to you every day. We range in age from 24 – 53, and one day we’ll probably introduce everyone here individually.


What do you do?

We are an online cycling store that operate in both the UK and Ireland. Since we are an online cycling store, we sell cycling products but we sell the cycling products that through our experience have become the ones that cyclists are buying most often. This is why you see our quantity price discounts that give you lower prices the more you buy. We give quantity price discounts because we’ve seen so  many people buying the same products frequently and paying full price every time, and felt this way was better for you. Overall, we are picking the best brands for the items that you buy frequently as a cyclist, and offering great pricing, delivery in less than 3 days, along with an always in stock policy for those items so that you can always rely on us. By doing this we can give you a better customer service experience so you get fast response times on every query and so you have peace of mind when buying bicycle stuff online.


Where do you sell to?

Since we are based in the UK and Ireland, we sell bicycle products in the UK and Ireland; but we don’t stop there. We ship all over Europe and internationally, with low shipping rates to over 135 countries worldwide. So if you’re a cyclist looking at our site, then we will be able to shop to you. Of course, being in the UK means that our delivery times are a lot quicker to the nearer countries, but we dispatch every order on the same day that it is received and offer the fastest methods possible.


When did you start?

In 2011, we started off with a small website of cycling products and sports nutrition, felt our way around e-commerce and after 2 years of that, we rebuilt the website. So at the time of writing our first blog post, we have a team that includes Richie, Cian, Gary, Justin, Chris, Brian, and David, and a brand new website which we are working on everyday to optimize the brands and products that we sell.


Why did you start?

When we first started out, we felt there was a muddied line between what was offered for cyclists shopping online, and what was offered for cyclists shopping locally. The big theme of shopping online seemed to be lower prices, but we feel there’s much more to online shopping than that. Sure we can offer the same prices as anywhere else, and we try to do that on all of our products. Rather than try to offer every cycling product ever made, under one roof – we looked at it and said that there were certain things we can’t do online, such as service a bike, fit the parts for you, and typical mechanic things you get done. So instead, we said that it is best for cyclists to develop a good relationship with their bicycle mechanic for those things, and we would focus on the products that every cyclist uses and some of the home mechanic products that the average cyclist is able to do. This is why we started – to put that collection of products together and start to provide a service to cyclists that provides fast shipping, great customer service, and quick response times. At the time of writing this, we are, and I suppose, always will be refining our product mix but we do have a ways to go until we can be fully happy with our offering to you. The way we see it, is that if you use this product often for cycling, we want to get it to you in the way that’s easiest for you.


Why do you now have a blog?

So we can post images like this!

manly cyclist things

We also plan to post updates about what is happening in our online bike shop, the cycling offers we have on, the things that are happening in cycling, and mostly things that relate to cycling in some way or another.

So, I think that’s a good introduction for our blog and provides some information on us, plus everything that is going to follow.  As long as it’s something we feel is of benefit to you, then we will post it here.

It won’t just contain us talking about ourselves and how great we think we are, because we do that in person. We plan to post to this as often as possible, sometimes every day and sometimes it might be a week between posts, but we will be back.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and if you have – here’s a 20% discount to say thanks. Use the code BLOG20 when you are checking out in our cycling store.

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