Online Cycling Store Halloween Wishes

Happy Halloween from Alimay Sports

We like to celebrate the holidays here in our online cycling store – and so today is no exception! We just want to say Happy Halloween to everyone out there who is either training, trick or treating, or introducing their kids to the obligatory sweet tooth for becoming a cyclist and stopping for cake.

It only happens once a year, and it’s a cyclists’ dream. You get to dress up and eat sweets – pretty much every other day except today it’s accepted by more people than usual.


Whatever you’ve chosen to dress up as, and what sweets you give out to anyone who calls to your door – we hope you enjoy it.


That’s it! A simple Happy Halloween from us here in the online cycling convenience store that is Alimay Sports. Don’t forget that you can get £10 or €10 off any order over £50/€50 in the store using the code TENNER.


Lastly, apologies for the fright we gave you when we said boo in our image on this post. Very scary.