Free PowerBar Isoactive 600g Tub with every box of PowerBar Energize Wafers, offer only from Alimay Sports

Free PowerBar IsoActive Isotonic Drink and Bottle

After 2 weeks of our busiest offer ever giving you free tyres, we have our next offer that gives you a free 600g tub of PowerBar IsoActive Isotonic Drink Mix along with the brand new PowerBar Drinking Bottle. Each tub also gives you an entry to win a trip to the Tour de France. Read on for more details.

With another simple offer in our online cycling store, we are giving you a deal to help you stock up on all of your essential sports nutrition and keep you fueled out on your bicycle.

PowerBar have recently launched the brand new Energize Wafer, and it is an amazing product. So we’re making it extra special. Buy a box of PowerBar Energize Wafers, and we will give you a free 600g tub of PowerBar IsoActive Electrolyte and Carbohydrate isotonic drink, that also comes with one of the brand new PowerBar Drinking Bottles attached.

Even better, each one of the PowerBar IsoActive tubs gives you a chance to win a trip to the Tour de France!


So, if that great offer doesn’t appeal to you. Keep reading about the new PowerBar Energize Wafer and why it’s so great.

PowerBar Energize Wafer is the first energy wafer with C2MAX, a scientifically developed, special ratio of glucose and fructose sources. It is a great tasting, crunchy energy bar choice before and during sport.

What PowerBar have done, is taken the amazing energy boost of the classic Energize Bar, and put it into a whole new great tasting texture. So every Energize Wafer contains 28g of carbohydrates with fast absorption.

With the Energize Wafer, it doesn’t matter what temperature it is – the wafer is always easy to chew and swallow, no matter how hard the ride is. With layers of fruit spread between each wafer, they taste delicious in both Berry-Yogurt flavour, and Chocolate-Peanut flavour.


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