Free Hamster with every bottle!

Free Hamster with Every PowerBar Bottle Today

This is it – the revolution in cycling offers. We used to think that everyone wanted cheaper prices and lighter bicycle components, but we recently conducted a very accurate cycling survey. That survey showed us that what cyclists actually want is more animals with their cycling purchases, and not better bike parts.

So here you have it, a free hamster with every PowerBar bottle that you buy. There are so many benefits to this offer that we don’t have time to list every reason a cyclist should buy this drinking bottle, but here are a few:

  • A new PowerBar bottle
  • A new friend
  • A hamster scented bottle
  • An encouraging companion on long bike rides
  • An ice breaker to introduce yourself to the opposite sex – “Have you seen my new Hamster?”
  • Something to put in your bottle when your drink runs out
  • You can start a Hamster farm
  • A new profile picture for Strava
  • Put some boots on the hamster’s feet and you’ve got yourself a masseuse

The possibilities really are endless, so take advantage of this great cycling offer for one day only – because as soon as April the 2nd comes, the offer is gone and we’ll be either making hamster sandwiches or everyone is getting a new pet.

One disclaimer, the little chair isn’t included – we don’t want the hamsters getting lazy.