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Free Delivery and our Cycling Store

Something that we’ve noticed over the last few months and weeks is that many stores around the world are starting to change up their policies on shipping and how much they charge. There are now minimum order amounts for some countries, and that is understandable – but we want it to be free every time we can.

As a relatively new company, we know how changeable things are, and sometimes changes have to be made when things happen outside of your control. We don’t know the reason that a lot of other stores have changed their shipping policies, but we want you to know that we haven’t – we still offer unconditional free delivery in the UK and Ireland.

We can’t say what the world of international shipping will be like in 10 years time, and so we can’t say that our shipping rates will be the same in 10 years – if anything, we hope that they’re lower! In the meantime though, we don’t have the need to change our shipping policy and charge, and so they will stay the same.

What that means at the moment is that in our cycling store, we will ship every order in the UK and Ireland for free, regardless of how much you spend with us. So whether you need one single tube or a new set of wheels, we won’t charge you any money to ship it to you. Our shipping charges to countries further from where we are based are also staying the same, so there is no increase and the minimum order amount hasn’t changed. It’s unfortunate that we have to do this, but in order to exist as a cycling store, it’s what we have to do.


What we’re doing at Alimay Sports is giving you an online cycling convenience store, where it is just as easy to buy your bicycle parts and cycling clothing from our online store, as it is to buy bread and milk from your local store. This is why delivery is free. You don’t worry about how much you have the spend in your local store just to get your groceries home, and so we don’t want you to worry about that in our bike shop either.

We can offer free delivery to the UK and Ireland from our cycling store, but at the moment we still have to charge for delivery to some countries. We are determined to bring all delivery charges to, or as close to, zero as possible.


We still have a long way to go in developing our bicycle store, and we’re working every day to make every improvement and put together a better mix of products in our store.

We also have a long way to go in achieving the most convenient shipping rates around the world, but we will get there. At the moment, we are working to give you the fastest shipping times possible and so if we can get those faster within the UK and around the world, along with lower prices, we are continuing in bringing you an online cycling convenience store.


It’s not the most enlightening of blog posts, but it is something we wanted to update you on. So in the words of Forrest Gump: that’s all I have to say, about that.


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