A2B Electric Bikes Ireland

A2B Electric Bikes are Now Available in our Bike Shop

A2B Electric Bikes are an exciting new brand of E-Bikes, and we are delighted to introduce them to you and make them available in our online cycling store. These are some of the most advanced, and most stylish electric bicycles that you can buy online today. Read on for more info on A2B Electric Bikes.

As electric cars become increasingly more affordable, and better value – electric transport is becoming more popular all over the world. As part of the growth of electric energy as a transport alternative, electric bikes offer you a bicycle option that lets you enjoy the thrill of cycling, and use it for getting from A to B (get it?) without the worry of exerting too much effort and arriving at your destination a sweaty mess.

Electric Bikes Ireland

A2B provide one of the largest ranges of electric bikes in the world, and are now bringing this great range of electric bikes to Ireland – so we’re proud to be able to offer these to you.

As far as electric bikes go, these are some of the nicest designs for electric bikes we’ve seen, along with amazing feature sets, and lengthy batter life to get up to 1 week of travel for the average commuter. You can see how well designed these electric bikes are from the image above.


With a range of 10 electric bike models, with an 11th model coming in early 2015 with the A2B Entz and Entz Deluxe – there are electric bikes to suit all budgets, feature requirements, and in many different colours and sizes.

Ranging from a luxurious matt black finish, to a racing red colour for many of the A2B electric bikes – there are many options for finding the perfect electric bike.


The 10 models currently give you options for a folding electric bike; many pedal assisted pedelec electric bikes; and throttle controlled electric bikes that give you the option for motor assisted cycling as you pedal, or to let the electric motor of your A2B bike do all the work.

Each A2B electric bicycle has different power settings so you can set the amount of power you want to come from the electric motor, or how much effort you would like to put in through your own pedaling on your e-bike.

Depending on your power setting, you can get up to 100km range on a single charge of your electric bike. This means you can cycle your electric bike to work every day each week without having to put in huge efforts – keeping you feeling fresh for work. It will also give you enough energy to get around town and make short trips, giving you the enjoyment of cycling with the comfort of an electric bike assisted by a sophisticated electric motor.

A2B Electric Bikes Ireland

Shop our electric bikes here now: www.alimaysports.com/products/ALICT70000286/EBIKESEARCH/electric-bicycles.


At Alimay Sports, we have been keen to bring new and amazing products to our store and work to always make cycling easier – and if an electric bicycle doesn’t make it easier, we don’t know what does!

As part of bringing these e-bikes to our cycling store, we also want to make sure that you get the same level of service that we have been giving for all products in our online bike shop. So, to maintain this service level, we are personally delivering your electric bike to your door, with a full PDI check, and an introductory session on how to use and maintain your A2B electric bike.

So rather than a courier delivering this to you, we will send this bike out to you in one of our vans, and our fully trained staff will walk you through the use of the bike, how to care for it, how it works, and how to maintain it. Providing this service is the reason we are only offering these electric bikes in Ireland, to give your electric bike the love and attention it deserves.


If you are interesting buying an electric bike in Ireland, then browse our store or contact us on +353 1 807 8181 and we’d be happy to help you in getting the best electric bike available today in Ireland.