New Discount in our Cycling Store

Every cyclist loves to save money – and you can do that in our online cycling store starting today! We’ve just added a new discount code that gives you £10 or €10 off any purchase over £50 or €50. This is now the second official discount code we give you, on top of the 10% discount you can get when you shop for your cycling needs in our bike shop.

The discount code of CHECK10 which gives you 10% may still be worth more to you depending on how much you’re buying in our bike shop. With the addition of the new £10 and €10 voucher, you can use this to get a bigger saving on your more regular purchases.


Use code TENNER to get this discount on everything you buy in the store, where your cart value is £50 or €50 plus.


We’re continuing to add new brands, new products, and improve the layout of our cycling store everyday, so keep an eye on it! As we add products, we are putting up more detailed information for cyclists – and we’re working over the bike parts, cycling accessories, and cycling clothing that we already have for sale in our bike shop.

We are making a lot of changes over the coming months. Many new brands are being added to the store, and some of the brands will be replacing others. As we do this, we’ll let you know and explain the reason we believe they aren’t right for our cycling store.


Ultimately, we want our cycling store to be a place where you can easily find the cycling products that you use on a regular basis, and we can continue to provide the service level that we have been doing since we started. Delivery within 2 days, and the best pricing available. With especially low prices when you buy the quantities you need.


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