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Christmas Discount in our Cycling Store

The time of year for giving is here again, and as always in our bike shop – we like to keep things as simple as possible. So we’re giving you a discount of 20% on everything in our cycling store. There are no catches, and no limitations on where you can use it. So make the most of it for the cyclists you know.

It’s short and sweet. Use discount code CHRISTMAS on any purchase you want to make between now and Christmas, and you can make great savings.


We have a wide variety of items that cyclists use regularly, so there’s a good choice. We’ve been working hard to tidy up our cycling store and make sure we have the full range of sizes and colours in the items we stock.

We’re not fully there yet, but we will get there early in 2015 and we’ll have everything from what has been selected as the best of each category of the bicycle parts, cycling accessories, cycling clothing, and sports nutrition for cyclists.


So for now, hopefully you can find some great products in our cycling store and at some great prices with the added 20% discount that we’ve given you here!


Lastly, even though we’ve said it before, and we’ll definitely say it again: Happy Christmas!