Bradley Wiggins Cartoon

Bradley Wiggins: Cycling in Cartoon

This is Bradley Wiggins. You most likely know who he is, but he’s the just the first in a collection of drawings which we are commissioning to create a cartoon collection of the biggest names in cycling over the last century. We’re stretching our imagination and calling this Cycling in Cartoon. Read on for more details.

We’re going to work this in a loosely reverse chronological order, so some cyclists might appear before others but the decade they were in their prime should be accurate. That’s why we’re starting with Bradley Wiggins, since he’s possibly one of the most well known names in cycling in the UK today, and he is equally noticeable for his own style.

Any cyclist who appears in our series of cycling in cartoon, is a cyclist who we deem to have been influential in the sport in the era they were most successful.


With each picture, we’ll talk a little about why we chose the cyclist and why we picked that particular picture of the cyclist.

We picked Bradley Wiggins because 2012 was a dominating year for him, and no other cyclist came close to him. It was phenomenal for those who were fans of him, and frustrating for the fans of other cyclists. However, this was the big payoff for over 15 years of hard work, gold medals, world and olympic success, that led to him winning the biggest race in cycling. So therefore it has to be recognised for our current era in cycling in cartoon.

We’ve chosen this image of him since it was everywhere to be seen in the summer of 2012 and is possibly one of the most recognisable images of him now.


So there you have it, our first entry for cycling in cartoon. This should be a weekly occurrence, so keep an eye here on the blog for each cyclist in cartoon. Don’t forget to check out our cycling store for anything you need for your bike!


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