Cyber Monday Deals

Cyborg Monday for Cyclists in our Bike Shop

The offers don’t end these days, and today is a collection of deals for cyclists as part of cyber monday, which we’re calling Cyborg Monday because of the great offer we have on the technology we have in our online cycling convenience store that we like to call Alimay Sports!

Don’t miss your opportunity to become a Cyborg today! We have taken our two most favourite cyborg like bike products from our bike shop and reduced the price on them so you can be just like Arnie this Cyber Monday for Cyclists.

Our first batch of offers is on Rollei Action Cameras. Starting at only €89.99/£69.99, check them out! With all prices on Rollei Action Cameras down so low it’d be rude not to have an action camera for when you’re cycling.


Rollei Bullet HD Lite Action Camera for only €89.99/£69.99

Bullet HD Lite Action Camera

The Rollei Bullet HD Lite Action Camera is the little brother of the Rollei Bullet HD Action Camera.

Where the Bullet HD offers a 170 degree recording angle, the HD Lite offers a 135 degree recording angle while also recording at 720p – just like it’s bigger brother.
The Rollei Bullet HD Lite comes with Audio recording with video and Photo Capture Mode as the Bullet HD.
Where the Rollei Bullet HD Lite Action Camera is different is that it is a water resistant action camera, whereas the Bullet HD will give you waterproof functionality up to 10 meters under water.


Rollei Bullet HD Action Camera for only €99.99/£79.99

Bullet HD Action Camera for Cycling

The Rollei Bullet HD Action Camera is a 12 Megapixel Action Camera that shoots in 1280 x 720p resolution.
The Rollei Bullet HD Action Camera can be easily mounted to a helmet and thanks to its compact shape, doesn’t get in the way or feel noticeable sitting on your helmet.

This Action Camera features a 170deg Wide angle recording view, and it is waterproof in up to 10 meters of water. The Rollei Bullet HD Action Cam also comes with Photo Capture Mode, where the Action Camera takes a photo every 3 seconds.
Thanks to its aluminium housing and durable German manufacturing, it is a long lasting action camera for the toughest trails.


Rollei Action Cam 200 HD Action Camera €199.99/£149.99

 Rollei Action Cam 200 HD

The Rollei Action Cam 200 HD uses a 5 Megapixel CMOS-Sensor to deliver you 1080P at 30FPS video recording. It even goes up to 60FPS on a WVGA setting, for all those extra frames of recording!

In a durable black shell, the Rollei Action Cam 200 HD can give you 1080P still image capture in 1920 x 1080.

With a large selection of accessories including a protective case, and a clip on screen for live view of your recording, the Rollei Action Cam 200 HD offers everything a cyclist could want in feature packed action camera.


€200 Off A2B Electric Bikes

The next round of offers is on the newly launched A2B Electric Bikes. We’re giving you £200/€200 off any electric bike in the A2B range because what better for cyber monday than an electric bike!


If you want to get this huge price reduction on an electric bike, use the code IAMACYCBORG to get €200/£200 off any A2B Electric Bike which have just launched in our online cycling store.


We wanted to keep it short and simple so that you can focus on the great offers that we have here today. A 720p HD Action Camera for only €89.99/£69.99 is an amazing price for one of the most durable and reliable brands of action cameras available to cyclists today!


If you want a discount code for any of your orders that aren’t covered here, give us a shout and we’ll see what we can do for you.