Continental Gatorskin Tyres

Continental Gatorskin Tyres PLUS Improvements

You may have noticed over the last couple of weeks that our cycling store is beginning to get a lot of improvements, particularly around the products that we have. This week, in celebrating having all Continental Gatorskin tyres and sizes coming back in stock soon, we have also updated their information and improved the pricing on them.

We started our online cycling store to be a cycling convenience store for you. This means we want to have all of the bike parts, accessories, and clothing in the simplest manner possible for you to buy online. So our first challenge was getting all of the products sorted, and cataloged so we could put them in our store.

This gave us a lot of products, and it has been a huge job in handling them – something that Justin has done really really well. Now it’s time to take what has been done, and simplify the store so that you can shop with ease.


In order to do this, we’re reviewing every product category, and every brand, and every individual product that we have. As we move through this process, we’re simplifying the number of items we carry, making sure that we have all sizes and all colours in the products that we do sell – and making the pricing as simple as possible.

This is a huge task, and we’re moving through it as quickly as we can so that each brand we represent in our cycling store, gets the full and proper attention it deserves. We’re doing this so that you can shop with us for the brands you love, and find all of the products you expect from that cycling brand in the most simple way possible. Continental Gatorskins are the first result of this new task we’ve set ourselves.


We’re only 10 months old, and so teething was always going to be a part of our first year. As we approach the grand old age of 1 year old, we want to make sure that we have the full listing of products for every brand, and that we have all sizes and colours in stock.

The first 10 months of our cycling store have been focused on getting everything running and maintaining the fast delivery we have always provided. The next 2 months are going to be focused on tidying up the products that we have, improving the information provided for every product – and making shopping in our cycling store the most simple shopping experience you can get in any bike shop.


Cycling, as you are likely familiar with, is a very technical sport – and with that, shopping as a cyclist becomes quite technical. In turn, maintaining a bike shop is technical, with about 20,000 different items to choose from in just the cycling brands that we sell in our cycling store.

So our job now is to make the technical shopping process as simple for you. So to give you an example of that, one of the first products we’ve taken this new approach with is the Continental Gatorskin.


The Continental Gatorskin is a hugely popular tyre, and there are 11 different options for that tyre. 11 tyres under the one type of product, and these all have minor differences! That isn’t easy for anyone to go through, and so we’re putting in the work to make it simple for you.

Continental Gatorskin Tyres UK


So this is the first example of how we’re trying to lay out the store  in the most simple way possible, allowing you to choose the one that suits you.

Many of our other products are missing some sizes or some colours, and this is what we want to change.


So from today, there will be less cycling product pages with missing sizes and colours, and more pages that show all products like the above. Continental Gatorskins are just the start, the rest is coming.


Along with the updated pages for product categories, and product groups – we’re also improving the information for you as a cyclist that you need on each product page.

We’re tidying up the bike product text on each page, and adding in all of the necessary information sheets on the Related Files tab of the product page. This often presents you with the product catalog for the brand, or the specific factsheet for that product.


This has been a long read, but if you’re a cyclist that has been shopping with us – we really do appreciate it. We’re doing this to make it easier for you, and while the cycling store hasn’t been perfect, what we’ve done with Continental Gatorskin tyres is the start of us making it easier for you.

Thanks for reading this, and don’t forget you can get £10 or €10 off your order with code TENNER.


We’re not there yet, but we will get to a point of being your favourite online cycling convenience store. We promise!