Cycling Black Friday Sale

Black Chilli Compound Friday

Black Friday is a huge shopping day around the world, not least of all for cyclists all over the UK who are looking to buy online in our cycling store. Black Friday brings out the best in people, and to celebrate that, we have our very own day – Black Chilli Compound Friday. Check out our cycling store for the offer!

We’re starting a little early, but we wanted to announce that for the traditional offers of Black Friday – we are doing Black Chilli Compound Friday.

Black Chilli Compound Friday is giving you the chance to buy a pair of Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II tyres for less than £50. This is way less than half price, and so we’re pretty excited with the deal!


These could be the perfect gift for a cyclist this Christmas, so why not take advantage of our offer now, and keep them by for the cyclist in your life. If like most of us, you love yourself more than any other cyclist, you can buy the Conti Tyres for yourself – so they can stare at you, begging to be put on your wheels when the new season rolls around!
In keeping with the tradition, keep an on our bike shop blog for updates on what we’re calling Cyborg Monday!




The photo we used for this post is by Sergiu Bacioiu, check him out!