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Join Cycling Ireland and Save in Our Bike Shop

Cyclists in Ireland have many reasons to become a member of Cycling Ireland, and today we’ve become one of them. Loving the fact that we are official online bike shop, we have teamed up with some other great companies to give you great vouchers when you join Cycling Ireland. A great way for us to give back to the sport.

Irish Cyclists already have some great reasons to become a member of Cycling Ireland, such as the various discounts you get (including 10% off in our cycling store), personal insurance, and reduced entry rates for many of the cycling events around Ireland. Returning to Cycling Ireland for 2015 makes much more sense. Every member can save on all of the most essential services for any cyclist.

Recently, we launched the TENNER discount code, but now with a Cycling Ireland membership you can get €20 off any order over €100. Enter your details here after registering for membership and you will get a €20 voucher emailed directly to you that you can use in our store.

In a perfect cycling world, we’d love to give you €20 off with no minimum purchase, but we’d also like to be able to stick around providing you with a convenient online cycling store a little longer – so we can’t afford to that. Discounts are great, and we’re trying to give to them to every cyclist where we can. You just have to look around our online cycling store to see the savings you can make.


In 2015, there are going to be so many reasons to be a member of Cycling Ireland, so make the most of the offer today.

Starting today, membership is now open for 2015 at and we really recommend that you sign up. A Cycling Ireland membership is highly valuable to you, and for the small amount of money that you pay for a license, you can make so many savings that you’re really benefiting from becoming a member. Membership is a small way of protecting yourself, and making cycling a much better experience for you. Once you have signed up, go here to claim your vouchers:


As always, we’re very proud to be supporting the sport with this voucher scheme, on top of being the official sponsor of Cycling Ireland along with PowerBar. Zero is the number of reasons we can think of for not joining Cycling Ireland, and infinity is the number of reasons why membership of Cycling Ireland is a way to develop cycling and the cycling infrastructure for everyone in Ireland, and to make it easier to get into cycling.

If you are already a member of Cycling Ireland for 2014, you now have a great reason to renew your membership.

Not all readers here might be very familiar with us, but if you’re new to us, then we hope that being a member with Cycling Ireland is something that helps us get acquainted and we can help make cycling easier for you, no matter what type of cyclist you are.


Get the perks of Cycling Ireland memberships today, and before you do, note that if you like the image  we’ve used for this post then you should check out the Photography of Daragh O’ Toole.