ANT+ Speed and Cadence Sensor

ANT+ Speed & Cadence Sensor Big Offer

We’re back with another great offer for all of you cyclists shopping online with us. This week, we’re giving you £15/€15 off the already amazing price for the Cardiosport ANT+ Speed and Cadence Combo Sensor. Compatible with all ANT+ Products, this is a great offer.

We try to time our cycling offers around the way we see cyclists using different bike parts, and bike accessories – and so this is one we see as a well timed offer on cycling sensors.


Many people may have received a Garmin Edge over the Christmas period, and after getting to grips with it, and with the road racing season just around the corner – an upgrade to using an ANT+ Speed and Cadence Sensor might be the next best step.


We’ve taken on the Cardiosport range of ANT+ and Bluetooth Bicycle Sensors, as they offer great value and come from one of the most reliable manufacturers with over 20 years of experience in Heart Rate Monitors and Wireless Sensors.


So with the Cardiosport ANT+ Speed and Cadence Combo Sensor already at a great price – you can get a further £15/€15 off our store price with the discount code ANT15.


This is our offer for this week – and if you’re a cyclist with an ANT+ enabled head unit, this is a great addition to get more data and understand your performance on the bike better.


If you prefer to use your phone while out on rides, especially with Strave, then also check out the Bluetooth Speed and Cadence Combo Bicycle Sensor here. You  may even find that the discount code works for this cycling sensor too.


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