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Alimay Sports on TV at the Giro d’Italia

Here’s a quick update from us after a weekend of pink fever watching the Giro d’Italia! As a cycling store, we want people to know about us, because we want to bring you great service and great offers. So we thought how we might do that at the Giro d’Italia, and here’s how it worked out for us on Sunday for Stage 3.

We’re not a huge bike shop, we’re more of a cycling convenience store, so we take any opportunity we can to tell people about us. We were giving out lots of free energy gels and drinking bottles at the Irish Cycling Show which worked together with the Giro d’Italia stage finish in Dublin. Then Sunday came, and we lined the streets of our hometown of Balbriggan in pink, and held our banner proud.

As you can see from the image, it got us noticed! It was all a blur. We watched the break go by, followed by the camera man on the motorbike, and all of a sudden he turned to film us. Whether that was because we were dressed in pink, had pink wigs, or the camera man really likes our logo; it got us noticed.


Anybody who isn’t familiar with us, might not have seen it in the brief moment we were famous, but any one who is familiar with us, will have noticed us.

We take as many opportunities as we can to get to meet those who shop with us, and if you recorded the live stage of the Giro d’Italia then that was a chance to catch a glimpse of us at anywhere between 30kmph and 50kmph.


Hopefully it’s not the last that people see of us, and someday we be on TV in a more official capacity, but there we are – fifteen minutes of fame.

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