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Our A2B Electric Bike at the Scenic Cycle Challenge

Last week, we headed to Listowel to take part in the Orbis Ireland Scenic Cycle Challenge, but we brought along our own challenge with A2B Electric Bikes. It was a great day run by Kerry Crusaders Cycle Club, and for a great cause in Orbis Ireland. Read about the challenge and the winners.

Like any business, as an online bicycle shop — we look to give back to the community as much as possible, so we took the opportunity to sponsor the Scenic Cycle Challenge in Listowel.


As part of our sponsorship of the cycle, we gave many things, the most notable for those who took part was the PowerBar pack. The PowerBar pack contained a PowerBar bottle, PowerBar 5Electrolytes, and PowerBar Energize Wafers. Coincidentally, PowerBar Energize Wafers are Buy 1 Get 1 Free at the moment.


We then gave two prizes to participants of the Scenic Cycle Challenge. The first was a €500 Voucher to be spent on our collection of BMC Bikes. That prize is given to the person who raised the most money for Orbis Ireland when taking part in the event.


The second prize was the most interesting one, and why you’re reading this! We gave a €500 voucher to spend on A2B Electric Bikes to the person who guessed the closest time to our question:


How long would it take Cian to finish the 60km course on an A2B Electric Bike?


The answers were interesting!


Almost 200 people took part in the event, and 60 of those people signed up to guess the time. As part of the sign up, we talked about the capabilities of A2B Bikes in terms of their speed, battery range, and Cian’s fitness!

We wanted to show cyclist’s in Ireland just what an A2B Electric Bike is capable of, and how much fun an A2B Electric can be.

We talked with everyone about how an A2B Bike can go up to 25kmph, and the bike we were on had a range of just under 70km.

So with that information in mind and a quick judgement of Cian’s athletic ability, we set people to guessing.

Based off that, we got the following spread of answers.


A2B Electric Bikes Range Time


As you can see, there was a concentration of answers in and around the 2-3 hour mark, and on the vertical axis we show you how accurate each guess was. Obviously, the lovely man who guess Cian would do it in just under 6 hours was thankfully wrong & Cian was happy to prove him wrong.


We can now happily announce that with a guess of 2 Hours and 5 Minutes, the closest guess belongs to Ken Lowry. Congratulations, that makes you the winner!


While nobody guessed the exact time, Ken’s guess of 2 Hours and 5 Minutes was the closest to Cian’s time of 2 Hours and 46 Seconds. Keep reading for a report on how the event went for Cian.


A2B Electric Bike Time Last


As you can see from the above, it was a a cold and wet day, but that didn’t get in the way of our A2B Electric Bike.


In order to get the most out of the A2B bike’s battery range, Cian kept in the economy setting which maximises the range for the motor, and gives less power from the motor.

With only a very short stop at the food station to hand out some more PowerBar 5Electrolytes to those taking part, Cian got back on his bike and picked up his 30kph average speed to travel the final 20km back into Listowel. He didn’t feel the need to stop for long, as his energy levels were still high, just like the battery capacity on his A2B Electric Bike.

With about half the battery capacity remaining, he had a bit of fun on some of the remaining drags back into Listowel and put the bike onto the max setting, picking his speed up more, and requiring less work for his legs — although he claims he wasn’t tired at all!

So with some extra help on the last few KMs, Cian got in with just enough left in the A2B Bike battery to roll back to the hotel for a well deserved warm shower.

A2B Electric Bike Battery Capacity


As you can see above, it was just above empty, showing that the A2B Electric Bike is more than capable to tackle 60km of tough terrain in the South West of Ireland.

With some strong leg work, and the help of an A2B Electric Bike, cycling at an average speed of 30kph for 60km was easy work.


The Orbis Ireland Scenic Cycle Challenge was a great day out, made thoroughly enjoyable by the great organisation of Orbis Ireland, Kerry Crusaders Cycling Club, and the many volunteers on the day.

We’d like to say thanks to everyone involved, and we look forward to passing over the €500 A2B Electric Bike Voucher, and the €500 BMC Bike Voucher, and hope to see many of you shopping with us at www.alimaysports.com.