Alimay Sports Online Bike Shop Redesign

A New Alimay Sports Online Bike Shop

You will have noticed over the summer that we were quiet on social media and email. This is because we’ve been working on something new, and today I wanted to write about it — because in the next 2 weeks, you’ll see what we’ve been working on. For now, I’m going to detail why we’ve done it, and what will happen.

Alimay Sports started as a bike shop almost three years ago. Since then we have been through completely new platform redevelopments, and today we’re announcing our third. In the next 2 weeks, you will start to see the new version of Alimay Sports — the simple online cycling store.


Our first platform was to see what we could do as a bike shop, and we learned so much about how to run an online bike shop. Then we realised that we wanted to go bigger, so we moved onto our second platform. This provided us with the scale to manage thousands of products and sell all across the world.

Since then, we’ve known that we needed to rework our website to be more user friendly, more stable, and to work on all devices. Along with that, we learned what products sell for us, what don’t, and how we can do the best job at selling the products that are popular with our customers, and that we can offer great prices at.


So here we are today, announcing a new version of the Alimay Sports Online Bike Shop.


The main reasons for a brand new website is to make it work across all devices you have, to simplify how the shop works and make it easier for you to browse our bike shop, and finally to simplify the product lines that we provide for you.

In order to do that, we have had to rework everything we do with our products, how we manage our inventory, and how we price our cycling products. This means that the new version of Alimay Sports is going to launch as a beta, so that we can work with you to iron out any small issues we might have missed, and to get feedback from you as to what you want from us as an online bike shop.

There are pros and cons to deciding to launch the new version as a beta instead of waiting until everything is ready.

The biggest con is that we are launching with just the PowerBar category of products, and day by day, week by week, we will keep adding back the best sellers, and the new products which we know you’ll love.

The biggest pro is that we are giving you 20% off every product while we’re in beta so that you can shop with us with a huge discount, and hopefully give us some feedback as to what you like and don’t like. So use the discount code ALIMAYSPORTSBETA and it will take 20% off everything you buy with us while we’re testing our new website.


We’re very close to going live with the new website, and we will be sending out an update as soon as it is available. We’ll also be going into more detail in future blog posts about each of the new features of the website, why we did it, and what will change.


When we go live, account history from the old website won’t be available to view online, but you can still request it from us as we have it stored for you.

You will still have the same login details, however for security reasons we don’t store your password and so we will require you to set a new password for the new version of the website. This makes it safer for you.


When the new website goes live, we will notify you and give you a link to set your new password.


We’re really excited about this update to the website, as a lot of hard work has gone into making it what we know will be a simple online bike shop for you to use.

Look out on our social media pages, and here on the blog, for updates in detail on what will be on the new Alimay Sports.