2 free Continental ultra race tyres with any Polaris omnium bib shorts, only from Alimay Sports

2 x Free Continental Tyres with Polaris Omnium Shorts

We’re now bringing you simple offers to look forward to every week. We’re creating offers that give you a great deal, and you can easily decide if it’s for you or not. If it’s not for you, there’s always next week. This way you can stay up to date with our offers, and don’t need to constantly be on the lookout.

The reason we’re doing this is that we are already committed to the best prices at all times and great delivery times, so constant sales shouldn’t be needed. We feel that constant sales are just blurring the lines between what is good value from a good bike store, and what is a genuinely good offer that we’re giving you at a good price.

It also makes things easy for you. You don’t have to trawl the web looking for great offers; instead, we want all of our prices to be the best along with our delivery times – then our offers come along with a clear value for you which is even better than what we offer on a normal day. Every offer in this series of offers will last 2 weeks, giving you a good chance to take advantage of the offer.

Free Continental Tyres with Polaris Omnium Bib Shorts

So, today our offer to start off this series is as follows:

  • Buy a pair of Polaris Omnium Bib Shorts
  • Get 2 x free Continental Ultra Race Tyres

As you can see, it’s quite simple. This means you’re getting a great pair of cycling shorts, and also getting some top quality Continental Bicycle Tyres for completely free.

Just use the code FREETYRES.

Click here to go to our cycling store.


That’s all there is to it, but I still think we’ve brought a really good offer to you and I hope you take advantage of it, because these are great shorts and excellent tyres.