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Like everything we have done with Alimay Sports, this email is going to be simple.

4 years after starting as a college project — Alimay Sports hasn’t reached the size that we wanted so that it would be a more lasting company.

So this week we’re starting the process of closing down the company.

That’s it really! We wanted it to be simple. There are some more details below in case you want more information, but we didn’t want a long drawn out goodbye speech! Just want to say thanks for the kind words along the way, and for buying with us.

What happens now:

  • The store won’t be available for ordering any later than this weekend
  • All current orders are being shipped as normal until we turn off ordering
  • We will be available by email for any outstanding order queries etc. by clickinghere.
  • All of the other methods of communication will eventually shut down too.
  • We were only a small company, so we all have something to move on to — mostly still within cycling too
  • Then we’ll see you around!
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We’re going to do a series of posts about our new online bike shop redesign. This is going to go into detail about why we decided to move to a completely new e-commerce platform, redesign the look of it, and then completely change what we do as a bike shop. So for the first one, we’re going to talk about what we struggled with in terms of the checkout process for our bike shop.

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